What we offer to your vertical natural products value chain

  • Dehydrators and dryers for botanicals — adjustable temp and airflow

  • Hammer mill ingredient grinding to 3mm and larger particle size

  • Maceration-style extraction up to 100 gallons per batch

  • Herbal pressing and filtration up to 3 L per press cycle

  • Filling and packaging for loose teas and powders

Bottle filling

  • Up to 2 oz (15 ml to 60 ml) on our small bottle filler
  • Over 8 oz (240 ml to 4.5 L) on our large bottle filler
  • Wide viscosity range: from heavy salves to alcohol extracts
  • 1000s of bottles-per-day capacity
  • Capping, auto-labeling, lot numbering, expiration dating: on-bottles or on-label options
  • Labeling up to 8" wide/high labels on CVC 300 auto-labeler (cylindrical bottles only)
  • Inkjet coding using Linx 4900 up to 2 lines; variable fonts and boldness
  • Shrink-sealing with tamper-evident bands
  • We can run topical, cosmetic, and body care products

Tube filling & sealing

  • 2 oz. to 16 oz. containers
  • Semi-automatic tube sealing
  • Seal up to 20 tubes at once