Our facility is designed so multiple users can set up production lines in different areas.

Wet Products

A wet product preparation area includes a full-scale commercial kitchen for preparing sauces, jams, salsas, drinks and other items for bottling. It also serves the needs of caterers, personal chefs, and mobile food cart or truck vendors preparing food for immediate consumption.

Dry Products

A dry product preparation area serves bakers and those preparing and packaging dry products such as herbs, teas or trail mixes. Dehydrators are available for peppers,  tomatoes, apples, shiitake mushrooms, herbs and other products.


A fermentation space provides a temperature and humidity-controlled environment for products such as kombucha, tempeh, and fermented foods.


Walk-in cooler and freezers, dry storage cages, and pallet racking. Rental of storage space is by the week or month, and by the shelf or pallet space. For more details, see our Schedule of Fees.