Let Us Do It For You: Co-Packing Services at Blue Ridge Food Ventures

Perhaps you have a product idea but neither the time nor expertise to produce it. Or you have an existing business with growing demand but having challenges expanding capacity.

Let Blue Ridge Food Ventures do it for you!

Challenges & Concerns?

What's on your mind? Blue Ridge Food Ventures has solutions...check 'em out!

'I'm not close enough to Asheville to produce at Blue Ridge Food Ventures.'

Don't let proximity keep you from a successful business. Ship your ingredients and inputs to us. We’ll make it for you!

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'I don't have the time or expertise to produce my product myself.' 

Some business owners want the hands-on opportunity to make their own product. They enjoy producing at Blue Ridge Food Ventures and have the time and expertise to do so.

If that's not you, don't worry! We’re experienced in producing hundreds of different types of products. Let us do it for you!

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'I need to spend my time selling and marketing my product.'

Business owners wear a lot of hats — and finding the time to sell and market can be difficult. Let Blue Ridge Food Ventures handle production so you can spend your time on selling.  Bottom line, no one can tell your story like you, and we can give you the time to do that without quality and integrity suffering.

(That's what it's all about anyway, right? Marketing and selling so your business can be profitable.)

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'I'm concerned about all the regulations and issues with compliance.' 

Keeping up with Food & Drug Administration Good Manufacturing Practices can be a bit intimidating. With an experienced staff trained in regulatory compliance, Blue Ridge Food Ventures can help you mitigate the headaches around compliance. Let us assist you!

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'I can’t afford the costly minimums that many co-packers require.'

Some co-packers can require as many as 5,000 units in a minimum run. This can stress cash flows, making it expensive to hold large amounts of inventory for an extended period of time.

At Blue Ridge Food Ventures, our minimums are typically lower than other co-packers. We base our productions on how many units our team can finish in a normal working day. 

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'I'm having a hard enough time myself without worrying about employees.'

Don’t want to navigate the human resources minefield? Let Blue Ridge Food Ventures deal with the crew. We are well experienced in dealing with all the complexity of having employees.

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'I'm having problems meeting demand for my product."

Many people consider "too much demand" to be a "good problem". But it's still a problem. And it can negatively impact your business in a number of ways.

Perhaps you need to expand capacity in the short run, but don’t have the capital or time to upfit your business to produce your product. Blue Ridge Food Ventures can help. Expand production without the risk or expense with our co-packing services.

By using our flexible production services, you can expand your production capacity as the demand for your product increases. Don't go through expensive production upgrades only to hope the demand will follow. Let us help you grow more sustainably. 

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'I need help! What can you do for me?'

Filler machine at Blue Ridge Food Ventures

Don't let concerns and challenges keep you from taking a great idea to market or cause your existing business to falter. Blue Ridge Food Ventures offers services to produce the product on your behalf so that you don’t have to worry about those issues.

We’ve helped clients produce thousands of high quality products out of our Blue Ridge Food Ventures and Natural Products Manufacturing Facility manufacturing space. Whether it’s hot sauce, harissa or hand lotion, our experienced BRFV management team has trained more than 230 clients to produce their own products in the facility. 

Co-Packing Services at Blue Ridge Food Ventures

With a quick, initial consultation, we can determine if the product can be produced at the facility to meet your specifications. Our production crew members have been trained in FDA Good Manufacturing Practices and are experienced in numerous types of production ranging from raw chocolate truffles to unpasteurized tempeh to all-natural salves. 

This experience gives Blue Ridge Food Ventures the ability to perform small production runs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  

'I want Blue Ridge Food Ventures to do it for me!'

Let us help produce your product and make your venture a reality — or, for existing businesses, let us help you grow more sustainably and become more profitable.

Contact Michael McDonald to find out a custom solution to your challenges and concerns.