Mobile Food: Carts & Trucks

If you want to operate a hot dog cart or a food truck in North Carolina, you will need an inspected facility to serve as your home base. 

Blue RIdge Food Ventures can be that "commissary." First, learn about the requirements at the Buncombe County Health Department Website. Go all the way down the page to find the information on mobile units. Follow the instructions for their application process.

Once you are sure that your cart or truck can pass their inspection, fill out a questionnaire and send it to Blue Ridge Food Ventures so we can make an appointment for you to complete your paperwork.

Operators of mobile units (carts and trucks) who wish to use the Blue Ridge Food Ventures facility as their commissary must carry the required business and product liability insurance with Blue Ridge Food Ventures as "additional named insured," and must follow all other Blue Ridge Food Ventures application procedures: