What about pickles, sauerkraut & other acidified foods?

Producing an acidified food requires a 'scheduled process'

As stated in the “Starting a Food Business in North Carolina” website, different regulations apply to different food products.

If you are producing an acidified food, you will need a “scheduled process” from a certified processing specialist. In North Carolina, that is Dr. Fletcher Arritt. You are also required to attend “Pickle School” (formally known as Better Process Control School), a 2-3 day workshop for small entrepreneurs, presented annually by North Carolina State University. Successful completion of this course certifies you as a supervisor for processing acidified foods. A certified supervisor is required to be present at every pickling session.

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Once you have obtained your scheduled process from Dr. Arritt you must register as follows:

  • A commercial processor, when first engaging in the manufacture, processing, or packing of acidified foods in any state must register with the FDA on Form FDA 2541 (Food Canning Establishment Registration; 21 CFR 108.25). This form must be filed not later than 10 days after the firm engages in operations.

If you are processing your products at Blue Ridge Food Ventures, you do not need to take this step. You may use the Blue Ridge Food Ventures Food Canning Establishment number.

  • However, you must file a scheduled process with the FDA on Form FDA 2541e for each acidified product you are making at Blue Ridge Food Ventures, before packing any new product. These forms are available from FDA. Firms already registered and engaged in the processing of acidified foods need only file Form FDA 2541e, for each new acidified food in each container size.

Registration and process filing forms are available online at FDA Form 2541/2541e or by writing:

LACF Registration Coordinator, HFS-618
Food & Drug Administration
Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition
200 C Street, SW
Washington DC 20204

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